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"Believe it or not my ex-girlfriend was the one who suggested that I stop pouting about being single and that I do something about it. She suggested that I pick up the phone and give Dallas Chat Lines a try. I've always been a smart shopper so I took a look at the many chat line numbers that there are out there and surprisingly, she was correct. Dallas Chat Lines was the cheapest and since I've been using it, I'd be shocked if there was a better one out there. I've met a beautiful girl named Lindsay and we've even gone on a double date with my ex and her new boyfriend. It's pretty miraculous how one day you're down and the next you're flying higher than ever. Dallas Chat Lines is just what I needed to get my heart beating with passion again."
Matt, 27, Houston, Texas

"Both chat line numbers I tried before getting onto Dallas Chat Lines were a total joke. The first one was filled with nothing but perverted older men and the second seemed like a total scam. Dallas Chat Lines is packed with bright and young people like me that are either looking for a bit of fun one night or a serious relationship. I've had to literally pry the phone out of my own hands once or twice because I've spent an entire day laughing my ass off on the party line. I have a cute guy that I like to chat one on one with when I'm looking for some romantic conversation. All I have to say is that Dallas Chat Lines is a respectable and great way to meet local singles because it's full of young and vibrant people."
Pearl, 28, Austin, Texas

"Word up to all the hot ladies that have made my ride on Dallas Chat as fun as it gets. I took one girl out last weekend and if this were an x-rated chat line I'd tell you all about it but I'll keep it clean. I have another date setup for this coming weekend and I can't wait to see what this girl has to offer. Forget about the Internet dating sites when you can talk live to sick hot chicks on Dallas chat lines."
Adrian, 21, Dallas, Texas

"I met the love of my life just under a year ago one night when I decided to give Dallas Chat Lines a shot. His name is Arnold and we're the talk of the town. He just proposed to me and we're set to get married next summer. We took a trip to Alberta, Canada and while we were in the Rocky Mountains he got down on one knee and popped the question. It was the most earth shattering moment of my entire life and I'd like to thank Dallas Chat Lines and their top of the line chat line numbers for making all my wildest dreams come true. I love you Arnond!!!
Sammy, 25, Fort Worth, Texas


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