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Frequently Asked Questions

Dallas Chat Lines in incredibly easy to use. Even if you've never even used a phone chat line before, you'll be navigating our easy to use voice prompts like a champ in no time flat! When you connect to our chat line, we guide you through all the features of our system, how to use it and walk you through setting up your profile. It's important to us that you enjoy your experiences with Dallas Chat Lines each and every time. So if you have a question, browse through our FAQ. Still have questions? You're always welcome to contact us!

Q. What are some tips you can give me for when I am on Dallas Chat Lines?

Here are some valuable tips and hints to get you started. They will help you get the most out of your Dallas Chat Lines phone dating experience...

Our Amazing Specials
Be sure to take advantage of our caller specials to maximize the value of your chat line experience. We always offer specials to our callers, so use them to talk more, and meet more people!

Speaking Clearly
When creating your personal message for others to hear, be sure to use a clear, relaxed voice. Prepare what you will say prior to starting the message by writing it down and or rehearsing it a number of times. Messages that ramble or have many mistakes may not be as successful as well thought out messages.

Retaking Message
Our system lets you review and re-record your message at any time, to get it just right. If you want to make a new one, or revise the details of your old one, its easy!

Being Creative
Have fun with your personal message, be genuine but give your message something that stands out and is memorable. It's your chance to let people know about who you are!

Your Privacy
Your personal information is kept in the strictest of confidence. The only information available to other Dallas Chat Lines callers is the information you provide them. In your personal message, be sure to include your box number, not a phone number.

Considering Others
A warm and friendly attitude and personality is highly rewarding. Treat others as you yourself would like to be treated.


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