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"I'd like to commend Dallas Chat Lines for offering the best phone dating service found anywhere in the state of Texas and probably the world. I saw their free chat trials offer on the web about a month ago and decided to give it a shot. Over that period of time I spoken to so many fantastic young women I'd never want to revert back to my boring life. It literally seems like half the female population in the state of Texas is on Dallas Chat lines looking to have fun every night. I've been out for dinner, to the movies and generally have had the most fun I've had in a decade because of Dallas Chat Lines. I still haven't figured out when I'll actually have to pay for the service either?"
Jonathan, 33, Waco, Texas

"Let's all raise our martini glasses and give a toast to the amazing phone dating company known as Dallas Chat Lines. I gave up on going on blind dates or to singles bars a long time ago and have been more into the modern way of meeting a guy. I've been a member of many other dating websites or chat lines but haven't ever been as impressed as I am with Dallas Chat Lines. I took advantage of the free chat trials offer, created a profile and have been inundated with single men wanting to speak with me. You'd be a fool for heading out to the clubs in downtown Dallas and spending you hard earned money on the outrageous prices these places charge. I've had more fun talking on Dallas Chat Lines on a Wednesday night than any night at a club."
Melanie, 27, Dallas, Texas

"So my girlfriend sent me packing a while back and I wasn't really sure how to put myself back out there. I asked a girl out at the office and was completely embarrassed when she said no and now I see her every day on top of it. My best friend told me about a free chat trials thing over at Dallas Chat Lines so I figured since I could possibly be more embarrassed I'd give it a try. It literally took me three nights to search through all the profiles of the single ladies who were registered to chat. I narrowed it down to a couple ladies who seemed to have similar interests and it has been pretty cool getting to know some of them. My office Christmas party is quickly approaching and I think one of the girls from Dallas chat lines will be my date, thank god."
Keith, 29, Arlington, Texas

"I saw that a lot of satisfied customers from your service have been writing in with stories and thank you letters. Well I was so impressed that I figured I'd do the same. Dallas Chat Lines is totally first class and offers all the features of the big and "expensive" dating services you see on television. I used the free chat trials for a while and when I inquired about a minute's package and found out how cheap it was, I instantly became a member. Dallas is the best service I've ever used."
Julie, 22, Arlington, Texas


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