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"Guys, last week I had the most awesome night of my life. Met up with a couple girls I was talking with on free Dallas Chat Lines, they came over, we drank the night away, talked about wild stuff, and it only got better from there if you get what I mean. It was like a story you would hear someone else tell but never thought it could happen to you. Well guess what? It did and I feel totally on top of the world. I will never forget that night, or the people that made it happen. Thank you very much Dallas Chat Lines."
Kenny, 34, Dallas, Texas

“After paying for an entrance fee, bottle service and a cab to get home from the club every weekend you’re left with nothing but a hangover and an empty wallet. I’ve taken the occasional night off from the club the last few months and spent the night talking to more women than I ever have before on Dallas Chat Lines. The conversations I’ve enjoyed have ranged from casual chat to down right raunchy. Everyone on Dallas Chat Lines seems to be totally open minded and all the ladies are 100% authentic and I’ve even hooked up a couple of dates over the next couple weeks. I think my days of paying off bouncers to get to the front of the line are finished now that Dallas Chat Lines has arrived.”
Jim, 25, San Antonio, Texas

“I’m known throughout my circle of friends as the little blonde and bubbly chatter box who loves to hear the sound of my own voice. Well now that I’ve discovered Dallas Chat Lines I have an audience of over 100 guys on a nightly basis to giggle and be silly with. I love to talk about everything from my dream date to the cute little pink pajamas I wear to bed while chatting. Come look for me and spend the night talking about your wildest fantasies. Nothing makes me happier than to get a cute guy all worked up and excited. Who knows maybe I’ll take one of you up on your offers and go out one night?”
Colleen, 24, Dallas, Texas

“Dallas Chat Lines gives you more bang for your buck than any dating service I’ve ever used before. I’ve spent many a nights talking with drop dead gorgeous women who I’m now good friends with. I’ve added about 25 women as friends to my Facebook account after chatting with them first on Dallas Chat Lines. We now go to the same nightclubs and I meet quite a few of them in person on a consistent basis. It’s 2010 and the days of going out and acting like a drunken fool to meet women seems to be over. I can’t wait to call again tonight after work to talk to my next sexy woman.”
Randy, 30, El Paso, Texas

“I have to send a huge shout out to Dallas Chat Lines for hooking me up with a totally awesome guy! I was a bit hesitant to call a chat line to look for a man but after meeting my dream guy I wish I would have done it much earlier. We’ve gone out on about five dates so far and he’s such a gentleman I can wait to see him again and just melt in his arms. To all the ladies out there, meeting a nice guy on Dallas Chat Lines is a million times better than fighting off drunken idiots downtown.”
Mary, 27, Houston, Texas

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