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"Reluctantly, I followed my mother's advice and checked into all the dating sites the Internet had to offer. When I investigated a little more closely I was pretty shocked to find out that the major ones that are advertised on the television are outrageously expensive. Even with my sweet mother offering to pay for a couple months for me, I couldn't allow her to fork out that kind of dough. I then came across Dallas Chat Lines and noticed I could use their free phone dating number until I felt comfortable enough to buy a minute's package. I got totally comfortable with the system after a few short days and when I saw how cheap it was to become a member, compared to the other companies, I jumped right on board. I haven't found a perfect match yet but I'm much further along the road than I was a few short months ago."
Dale, 25, Lubbock, Texas

"I was sick and tired settling for guys that didn't live up to my expectations just so I'd have something to do on my weekends off. A close friend of mine let me know all about the guy she was dating and how she met him on a free phone dating network called Dallas Chat Lines. I checked it out and whether I responded to someone's profile or jumped on one of the party lines I began to notice my spirits begging to lift. I've me a fantastic guy named Julian and we've grown very close since he took me out for dinner a couple months ago. Dallas Chat Lines is a perfect way to let loose, have some fun and meet young professional people. I strongly suggest to anyone out there who's looking for a quick and easy way to get back into the dating scene give Dallas Chat lines a try tonight."
Samantha, 29, Dallas, Texas

"I jumped on the free phone dating line one afternoon while I was sitting there and getting mad at myself for being too chicken to ask out a girl I was interested in. I quickly realized that there were plenty of girls from the Dallas area looking for guys on Dallas Chat Lines that could easily put my frustrations to rest. After the first day of chatting on the party line I scored the phone number of a very sexy sounding chick. I'm taking her out next weekend and I'll let you know how everything went."
Rick, 26, Fort Worth, Texas

"Thanks to Dallas Chat Lines and the free phone dating offer that I took advantage of I met a modern day price charming who swept me off my feet. I created a profile detailing all my interests and the things that turn me on. I checked back a day later and there he was. We've been some amazing dates together and from day one we both noticed the spark we had when we are together."
Mandy, 22, Waco, Texas


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