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"I wanted to drop everyone at Dallas Chat Lines, including the staff, a quick thank you and hello. Andre and I have been involved in a great relationship ever since we began getting to know one another over the easy-to-use dating service that Dallas Chat Lines provides their customers with. Our first date was picture perfect and our relationship has been a carbon copy of that special night. Andre showed up at my parent's house with flowers and chocolates and my parents were totally impressed. Every night I spend in his arms is like a night in heaven that I don't ever want to end. I can't foresee anything that would ever drive us apart because the more time we spend together the happier we get."
Darcie, 26, Waco, Texas

"When I tried Dallas Chat Lines for the first time I was hoping to talk to girls for free, I was never expecting to meet a girl like Tina. Being in my mid-thirties, I'd reached the conclusion that my chances of settling down with a lady and starting a family we slowly slipping away. I'd been in a quite a few relationships but they never seemed to make it past the two year mark, for various reasons. My relationship with Tina has just reached the six month mark and there's no sign of things going sour. I became interested in her after I spent the night browsing the many profiles on Dallas Chat Lines after calling their free number. Tina caught my eye because she was looking to take things slow and didn't want to jump into anything without finding the right person."
Jim, 33, Houston, Texas

"All the girls I've been blabbing with on Dallas Chat Lines have been completely wild. Over the last few days I've been involved in some pretty hot and steamy conversations that I don't think I'd have the guts to participate in face to face. I was just a stone's throw away from having phone sex with this girl when i realised that all I was looking for was to talk to girls for free. I told her to hold that thought and it would be much better if we perhaps met in person instead. To my amazement, she agreed. I'm picking her up Friday night and I can't wait to see where the road takes us."
Brock, 25, Dallas, Texas

"If you want to talk to girls for free tonight, do what I did and call the free access number that Dallas Chat Lines has. I'm far outside the city and can't afford to go into town and try and pickup chicks every night on my tiny salary. I haven't paid a cent since I began chatting on Dallas and I've flirted and gotten to know more sexy ladies than you could shake a stick at. The chicks are down for almost anything I've suggested and they've gotten me so turned on I've had trouble sleeping on some nights."
Eli, 21, Amarillo, Texas


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