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We get tons of testimonials from satisfied Dallas Chat Lines customers all the time telling us how much of an awesome time they've had on our chat lines. Time and time again we are told of what a greatly unique experience our service offers, read for yourself!

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"Over the years, the bar scene here in Houston has gotten less and less appealing. I went from going a couple times weekly to now, where I may go only once a month. I just don't seem to have anything in common with the guys I meet nowadays at the bars in Houston. Last month I started using Dallas Chat Lines, thank god I found out about it! Within the first few live chats I had the phone numbers of two guys that I really connected with. Went on dates with both of them and had a fantastic time. They were just really easy going guys that were looking to have a good time. One of them really made an impact on me and now the two of us are seeing each other often, and could turn into something more! Thanks Dallas Chat Lines, you were exactly what I needed."
Jasmine, 26, Houston, Texas

"I'm no stranger to live chat lines, I'd used them on and off for years. But when I tried Dallas Chat Lines I couldn't believe how much fun it was. The girls were freakin' wild – it's like they all just want to party. I've had conversations with girls on Dallas Chat Lines I could have only dreamt of on the other chat lines. Really wowed me! A few of them I've met up with at the clubs, and trust me, they're just as fun loving in person as they sound on the chat. Keep it up guys, your phone lines rock!"
Frank, 31, Dallas, Texas

"For me, chat lines were a new thing. Never used one before, and wondered what it would be like to talk to guys through such a service. So glad I just picked up the phone and tried it. I ended up being on the phone for hours the first night, and talked with a whole bunch of guys, one that lived just a couple blocks away. Him and I after a few more chats ended up meeting each other at a coffee shop and hit it off right away. So happy now... thanks for such a great service."
Danielle, 23, Fort Worth, Texas

"I figured I had nothing to lose since Dallas Chat Lines was free, so I gave it a call. Wow! It was great meeting so many different people so easily. It's like I can call into a party whenever I want. Then when I started asking everyone where they were from, most of them were only a few minutes drive away. Three months later I now have a regular group of Dallas Chat Lines regulars that I meet up with at a bar down the road and we have a fantastic time. Cheers guys!"
Amanda, 25, Corpus Christi, Texas

"The girls on this thing are unreal! I gotta pinch myself sometimes cuz I think I'm dreamin'. Every time without fail, I'm chattin it up with a girl that is totally hot. I mean HOT HOT. How come I didn't know about you guys sooner? Would have saved me heaps on having to buy round after round of shots for girls at the bars I never end up getting to know half as well as those hotties on your chat line. Props to you all."
Tom, 34, El Paso, Texas


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